What are your tax obligations if you’ve been affected by the weather?

flooded field

Support available from the Inland Revenue, plus read on to find local industry support.

If you have been affected by the extreme weather, IR still want you to let them know but to let them know when you reasonably can. There are ways they can help, including removing penalties and interest, getting you set up to pay in instalments, and helping if you are in financial hardship.

Contacting IR

IR is prioritising contacts from those affected by the floods and cyclone. If you need to talk to them:

  • Send IR a message in myIR using the word ‘flood’ in the subject line: myIR login
  • Call its dedicated phoneline: 0800 473 566
  • Go to one of their front of house offices: IR customer sites 

You can also let us know if you are in difficulty so we can help advise the correct departments.

Find out more about tax relief.

Industry and Local Support

Some industry bodies have emergency support information available on their websites.

If you belong to an industry group, let them know what is happening in your business, so they are better prepared to help you. 

Find out more:

Dairy NZ

Hospitality NZ

Restaurant NZ

Retail NZ

Locally, the Pukekohe Business Association frequently posts updates on their Facebook page with support available, and same with the Waiuku Business Association.

The Pukekohe Growers Association is also active in supporting the growing and farming community. Their Facebook page shows links for dairy farmers who need to register their needs for grazing or feed. See their latest Facebook post for more information.

Please remember, our team are available to offer support if you need it and our office is open as usual.

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