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The 39% tax rate for trusts

What does it mean for you? From 1 April 2024, the tax rate for trusts will increase from 33% to 39%. Draft legislation has been released and is expected to be law by end of March 2024. The change aims to make the tax system fairer – since the top personal tax rate increased to […]

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New trust rules

Watch out for new trust rules that have the potential to put your assets at risk. There have been a lot of rule changes for trusts over the past few years – and now Inland Revenue has introduced another tweak, one you need to know about if you use trusts to protect your assets. Who’s

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Trust Disclosure Rules

Are you ready for the changes?   Trustee compliance obligations are set to increase yet again with the introduction of additional tax information disclosure requirements. Inland Revenue will require additional information relating to a trusts and its activities. This will take effect from the 2021-22 financial year and its intent is to provide Inland Revenue

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