Job Management Software and WorkflowMax alternatives

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Migrating from WorkflowMax by Xero

If you have been using WorkflowMax by Xero, you would have already migrated to a new job management software by now, as June 26 2024 marked the end of life of the software.

WorkflowMax by BlueRock (aka WorkflowMax 2) is most obvious alternative and the BlueRock team have made the migration process easy by providing demos, webinars and as many resources and training as they can. They are very transparent on providing real-time updates on their features, and when additional features are likely to be released. (Check out their latest update here).

When you’re exploring options for a new job management system, really think about the features you need to make your business work efficiently.

What are your main reasons for using a job management system?

Do you need document management, or a system for quoting? Perhaps it’s more time tracking or managing those leads.

While we can throw out some names – WorkGuru, SimPRO, Xero Projects, Projectworks to name a few, it comes down to your business, industry and why you need it.

WorkGuru and SimPRO are both great for trades and service industries, with SimPRO being a bit more robust.

Both have key features that include job costing, time tracking or scheduling and the integration with Xero ensures financial data is synced to these systems to make it easier to track expenses and reduce manual work.

Links: WorkGuru and SimPRO.

Projectworks is tailored toward the professional services industry with key features such as forecasting, invoicing, timesheets and resourcing. It is definitely a system to review if you are moving from WorkflowMax.

Obviously, a Xero integration is best.

A quick search on their app store returned 63 results. You can filter this list by your industry to see which ones have the better ratings and would work for you.

Alternatively, make life easier and talk to us about which system would work best for you. Our team have experience using WfM and have recently helped some clients with the migration process to BlueRock.

Give us a call to discuss your options.

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