What does an Accountant do?

How can we help you

More importantly, what can we do for you?

At Engine Room, we pride ourselves on being Business Specialists. Although Accounting is a large part of our job function, there is much more we provide than financial accounts.

Our approach is to offer more than your average accountant – more than just keeping score.  In fact, we are passionate about business management and improvement.  We utilise a wide range of tools and resources that, for many business owners, can make a significant difference to their businesses and their lives.

We do things a little differently to many chartered accountants when it comes to annual accounts and tax work.  We agree on a package of services that support your business and personal needs.  Our services cover a range of compliance and added value services from which you choose according to your requirements.  At the base level, we keep you informed of the business’s performance on a monthly basis and take care of your tax compliance. At higher levels, we analyse your financial results and how they tie into your business plans and ensure that we are managing your tax obligations in the most effective way.

This article from Xero outlines a few (14 to be exact) things that Accountants can do to help you. Read it here.  Do you have any questions for us? We’d love for you to get in touch.

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