The importance of a correct address

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Recently, one of our clients found their ACC bill was going to the wrong postal address. You might think it’s a minor detail but after five years of being sent to the wrong address, there was a hefty bill to pay!  Sometimes the first time you know an address is wrong at ACC is when you get contacted by Baycorp.

This got us thinking about business practices. Some of the most common  things that can get overlooked is keeping up to date with address information that is held on internal, external and government systems.

Our tips and suggestions:

  • Know which addresses you have on public record at Companies Office: your registered address, address for service, and address for communications.
  • Any email and physical / postal addresses you have with companies such as the IRD, ACC, Banks etc – are they current and correct?
  • These days a lot of applications and processes revolve around AML legislation. Ensure you have a few documents in your name, with your home address for verification purposes such as bank statements, utility bills, rates, statements etc.
  • Should you continue using your home address as your registered address? We usually act as a registered address for some of our company clients. This makes sense since we are open during business hours and can receive documents here.  Then we can act on them immediately and ensure you are aware of what’s required.
  • Make sure your name is correct:  If you have married, divorced or had a name change its important the correct names are on your records at IRD.
  • Real Me –  consider setting this up to ensure multiple government systems are linked.  One connection will update all.

Not keeping your physical, postal and email addresses up to date with all relevant parties can cost you a lot in the long run. It’s a cost and trouble you just don’t need.

Although the responsibility lies with yourself to ensure records are up to date, we can help with this as we know what is required.

Let us know as soon as you change your address and we will update our records and the IRD, ACC and Companies Office. Get in touch with one of our team today to get up to date.

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