Keeping yourself, your business and your customers safe online

Access to the internet is a business imperative to connect to customers, transact business and network across geographies and industries. Likewise, a concern for individuals and companies operating online is keeping sensitive data and information secure from cyber-criminals and hackers.

Supporting customers with security

The day to day impact of cyber-crime has become a fact of life and a permanent reality for businesses. So, it’s important for small businesses to take precautions to keep data safe from hackers. Just as a hospital is charged with protecting patient security, businesses operating online need to take measures to ensure customer data is safe.

Advice for staying safe online

Here are some simple, easy-to-implement tips for better protection:

  • Always use strong, unique passwords for each site or service you log in to, and never share passwords. Having a unique password helps prevent a compromise of one login becoming a compromise of many. Password-safe software can help you manage your multiple logins.
  • Use two-factor or multi-factor authentication (2FA/MFA) wherever this is available. This is particularly important for your email account, which is usually the means to reset your passwords for other sites.
  • Update anti-malware (anti-virus, anti-spyware) software. It is one of the easiest and most effective things you can do to protect yourself.
  • Keep all of your software up to date with security patches.
  • Make sure your data is backed up regularly, and backup copies are kept separate to the source systems.

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