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Fire Up – Get Your Business Set For Success!

It's not how good your business is, it's how good you want it to be.

Do you drive your business or does it drive you?

Our research has found few business owners start with the full range of knowledge required to have a successful business. Most start as great technicians and learn the skills of a Chief Executive on the job. To reach full potential our experience shows successful business owners must have knowledge of operations, sales and finance, as well as vision and leadership.

Next Seminar: 15 November. Contact us to find out more

Where has the money gone?

Are your eyes wide open? Running a successful business is not just about sales and processes. Good financial management is fundamental to the sustainability of every business. You’ll learn:

  • How to drive the cash flow in your business
  • Why annual accounts and tax returns are not enough information to run your business
  • How to use financial reporting to make good decisions
  • How to produce and understand information to make your business fly!
  • ‘The Cash Concept’ – and why it matters when managing your business
Next Seminar: 22 November. Contact us to find out more

Branding, Marketing & Advertising: What does it mean for your business?

What is marketing and how do you know it's working for you?

Through misuse and inconsistency, the words 'Marketing' and ‘Branding’ have so many perceived meanings, the core meaning, and therefore the benefits they can have for businesses, are lost. As an owner-managed business, there’s still a role for Branding & Marketing in your business; when you understand it.

Next Seminar: 27 November.  Contact us to find out more

Improving Personal Productivity

Are you doing it, doing it, doing it?
Time is the one thing everyone has the same amount of, but it's frequently wasted because you aren't working on the right things. Every business owner can put money on the bottom line and cash in the bank by working smarter not harder.

Learn how maximising your effectiveness and prioritising your workload can give you back the life you thought you would have when you went into business.

Next Seminar: 4 December - last one for 2012! Contact us to find out more